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People Who Don’t Work in News Commenting On The News: Meet Rob

17 Jan 2015 by melodyjoykramer

Meet Rob Vance. He’s a freelance interactive and graphic designer in Philadelphia who is really into punk rock. He owns the most comfortable couch in the entire world. Rob likes dogs, tattoos, the Philadelphia geek community, and video games. He’s very funny on Twitter.

I interviewed Rob about how he gets his news. If you’d like to be interviewed, let me know. To read the rest of the series, click here.

1. How do you get your news?

I listen to NPR when I have a commute, if I’m home I generally watch MSNBC.

2. How do you take your coffee?

Splenda, extra cream

3. Who’s doing it right in news?

Rachel Maddow

4. What’s the first news event that you remember?

The first Gulf War

5. What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

Interview with potential new job

6. What do you absolutely hate about the news?

Advertisements, fluff pieces

7. What’s the best podcast to listen to while doing chores?

Ricky Gervais

8. How do you get your news when you travel?


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