Melody Kramer

Mediapublic Day One

04 May 2015

Day One of Sprint

  1. Answered all email from yesterday (76.) Got 56 new emails about project today. Thinking about how much time to spend on email (or whether email is the best way to communicate) because I’m spending 6-7 hours a day answering email, and that’s not a good use of fellowship time. Thoughts?

  2. Had lunch with curator of Nieman. She suggested creating a website for the project, as a hub for ideas related to this and so that I could put all of my research in one place.

  3. Forked 18F’s Guide Template and created website for Media Public. Plan to launch next Monday.

  4. Picked up Harvard ID card.

  5. Ellipticaled for 40 minutes.

  6. Had 30-minute phone call with a public media membership person, who is introducing the project to 14 mid-sized stations.

  7. Designed logo for project

  8. Visited Harvard buildings and half-wrote essay in head about open source software and public media. That will get on paper by the end of the week.


  1. Attending Code for Boston meetup at MIT

  2. Meeting Berkman Center researcher who studies how and when people decide to become civicly motivated

  3. Chatting with woman who founded community based project in Africa that helps connect people with information

  4. Call with membership director

  5. Meeting digital strategist from Harvard for a chat

  6. Talking with someone who thinks about libraries in a really innovative way

  7. Eating the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I didn’t eat today.

  8. Elliptical. I have a wedding in two months.

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