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New Units Of Time

28 Apr 2015

My commute is one New Yorker article long.

My escalator ride is two emails long.

I can read 23 tweets in the line at the supermarket.

What new units of time have you discovered recently?

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Something interesting: many people think in terms of podcasts as a unit of time. (How could we surface audio by length of time?)

More Units of Time

From Michael: “Laundry (putting in washer and later folding) takes me one episode of Congressional Dish (less than an hour, not counting pledge drives)!”

From Aofunne: “My walk to work is 4 songs long. My download of Game of thrones is one Silicon Valley episode long.”

From Matthew: “Doing the dishes takes one “This American Life” act.”

From Rhonda: “I can listen to almost 2 songs while “running” half a mile on the elliptical at the gym. I tell myself, just one more song and you’re done! It helps ease the torture.”

From Donna: “A friend of mine’s parents used to measure things in terms of “Fraggle Rocks” (25 minutes). “You need to work on your book report for 2 more Fraggle Rocks before you can play those video games”.”

From TJ: “A busy work day is half a podcast. A regular workday is 2. A day exploring the Smithsonian is 4 or 5.”

From Amy: “My commute to/from work is one podcast plus time to digest it.”

From Benjamin: “My commute to work is about two and a half Game of Thrones chapters long. Or one Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Or nearly two Reply All episodes. What I’m saying is my commute is looooong.”

From Freek: “my bike ride from my home in rotterdam to the train station is exactly one edm song long.”

From Ian: “The time it takes to unload the dishwasher is almost exactly the length of one NPR Morning Edition News Bulletin. I use the NPR One iOS app to play it on demand.” r From Alex: “My Saturday morning runs are three Fresh Air podcasts at 1.5 speed.”

From Angela: “I always tell people my house is a three-song walk away from Lake Michigan. (Unless one song is Jungleland. Then it would be two songs.)”

From Sebastian: “My commute to my job is exactly a chapter of Radio Ambulante´s podcast. It´s like it has been made for montevidean drivers who drive from my neighbourhood to the job.”

From Ruthann: “I still remember a roommate in the 1970s who measured distance in terms of units of beer. “That sales call is a six-pack away.”

From anonymous: “my commute is one “agonizing inner debate about whether i’m taking the job offer i got”

From Benjamin: “My daily walk to Starbucks is almost exactly one play of Taylor Swift’s “Hey Stephen.””

From Kate: “I used to think of the plane ride from Mke To Bos or Dca as one Nora Roberts. ;-)”

From Gavin: “I can do one French lesson on the free app DuoLingo in the time it takes to walk from the parking garage to the office door.”

From Erie: “The metro ride home from the airport is one good cry (and evidence of the cry disappearing) long”

From Cait: “Approximately three songs to each mile of my run. And the opposite, I don’t take metro often but when I do, I let my brain be “bored” instead of plugged in to my phone. It’s now a contest of how many stops I can go without looking at my phone.”

From Angie: “…my previous commute was about two rows of a knitting project. Now I walk, so instead I play frogger on the parkway (even if I have the right of way!).”

From Gabe: “I’ve always used music as a unit of time. When I started to go running, I would run for the length of one full album (~45 minutes, give or take), which would both help me pace myself and be able to give an album a deep listen.”

From Josh: “My dog walk around the block is one short podcast long. Sometimes I walk around twice and listen to a longer podcast.”

From Topher: “A motorcycle ride home empties 10 hours of work problems from my mind.”

From ML: “My bus trip to NYC was four Serial podcasts.”

From anonymous: “The talk show I work for is approximately three email newsletters long.”

From Ben: “My walk to the post office to pick up mail lasts about as long as a good phone conversation with my grandparents. It’s a nice length of time.”

From Bill: “I can get through at least two chapters of a Young Adult novel during a Red Line commute to work.”

From Benji: “I measure my life with podcasts. It takes one usual episode of The Finish Line podcast from WBUR to make & drink my morning coffee.”

From Elise: “When my brother was young we used to measure car rides in terms of SpongeBob episodes.”

From Joy: “My husband watches one episode of Breaking Bad per treadmill run.”

From Brandi: “My mom watches five videos via Facebook per cup of coffee. Videos = mix of hard news + dogs dressed as Elvis.”

From Sara: “My cross-country drive was 4 audiobooks, 1 full go-around w/ Serial & Taylor Swift’s 1989 approx. 19.89 times.”

From Renee: “my commute to and from school is about 3 data science podcast episodes”

From Eric: “Weird to only now realize via @mkramer’s tiny letter that I internalize all commuting times in units of podcasts.”

From Annie: “Yoga session in time takes load of bath towels to dry in LG dryer.”

From Samantha: “if the weather is good, I can read on my walk to work. I live about 5 to 10 pages from work.”

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