Melody Kramer

I love giving talks about working in public, building stronger connections with audiences, and building tools that strengthen relationships with an audience. I routinely talk to college students and have guest-lectured at the Columbia University School of Journalism, the University of Maryland, Drexel University, Northwestern University, Princeton University, Harvard University, the University of North Carolina, Ohio State, the University of Florida, Georgetown University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

I also routinely speak at conferences and on panels about various topics in journalism and civic technology. Below are recent talks I’ve given, along with videos and transcripts, when they’re available. If you’d like to have me speak or run a workshop, please contact me.

Building Open Source Tools and Working in the Open. Triangle Open Data Day. March 2016.

Building in the Open with 18F. Digital Services Team, State of North Carolina. December 2015.

The Future of Membership. Newsgeist. November 2015.

How Public Radio Stations Can Unlock the Power of Crowds. PMDMC. July 2015.

Five Great Ideas for the Future of Public Media. PMDMC. July 2015.

Expanding the Definition of Membership in Public Media. Berkman Center for Internet and Society. June 2015.

Analytics in the Newsroom. NJ News Commons & The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. January 2015.

The Future of Podcasting. ORDCamp. Chicago. January 2015.

Analytics and Tools For Your Newsroom That You’ll Actually Want To Use. Poynter News University. December 2014.

Analytics and Community Building. Columbus, OH. The Ohio State University. November 2014.

How to Un#$%$ Public Media. Newsgeist (formerly newsfoo) November 2014.

Thinking About The User: A Journalism Product Workshop. Mozfest. London, England. October 2014.

How to Think about Analytics in the Newsroom. Online News Association. Chicago, IL. Sept. 2014.

What Does It Mean To Be a Member of a Public Media Station?) Weapons of Mass Creation conference. Cleveland, OH. August 2014.

Rethinking the Article Machine.” National Gay and Lesbian Journalism Conference. Chicago, IL. August 2014.

“Analytics in Mobile Journalism.” National Asian-American Journalism Conference. Washington DC. August 2014.

“Social Media Ethics.” National Asian-American Journalism Conference. Washington DC, August 2014.

Building Smart Newsroom Tools SRRCON. Philadelphia, PA. July 2014.

“Analytics Symposium.” American Press Institute. Chicago, IL. July 2014.

Building an Analytics Culture in Your Newsroom International Symposium on Online Journalism. Austin, TX. April 2014.

How To Be A Human Online Social Learning Summit at American University. Washington DC. April 2014.

How NPR Views Social NPR Foundation Board. Washington DC. April 2014.

“How I Think About The Internet.” University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. February 2014.

“Tips For Engagement” Speaker. Columbia University School of Journalism. New York, NY. January 2014.

“Rethinking the Article Machine.”  Online News Association. Atlanta, GA. September 2013.

How Fresh Air’s Social Media Connects with Audiences in an Organic Way NPR Digital Services Knight Foundation Training. Webinar. May 2012.