Melody Kramer

If you have any questions about what’s here, or just questions in general, you can ask me anything over a pull request or issue; otherwise, feel free to e-mail me at or you can find me on Twitter, GitHub, and/or LinkedIn. You can also sign up for my newsletter here:

I frequently work on side projects or short-term engagements within the public media, podcasting, and civic technology space. Things I do:

- develop or improve audience engagement or existing social media strategies
- make content consistent, structured, and easier to understand.
- analyze existing analytics data and make recommendations for site and/or content improvements
- help organizations ideate and develop new ways to reach audiences
- critique grant proposals and/or help assess grant proposals

Previous clients include a variety of public media organizations, podcasts, authors, non-profits, and trade publications. I'm happy to put you in touch with previous clients, if you'd like. Some highlights:

- I organized and then led a online campaign to raise over 30,000$ for the Matthew Shepard Foundation over the course of one week.
- I helped Fresh Air with Terry Gross reimagine their archives as a vehicle to further audience participation.
- I reworked the social media strategy for a New York Times bestselling author, resulting in substantially more press in the ensuing months.

If this interests you, I'm happy to work up a proposal for how we can work together.
A quick note: I routinely volunteer for organizations but am not taking on any additional pro bono clients right now. If you want me to critique a quick idea or pick my brain, I'm happy to answer your questions via Twitter.