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Yo Philly, Where’s My Ex-Pat News?

06 Feb 2015 by melodyjoykramer

I grew up in Philly and live in DC. I still check the news every single day in Philly. Why aren’t Philly news sites targeting me for some kind of newsletter or subscription package, in conjunction with the news sites where I currently live? Where’s my ex-pat news service? i.e.

  1. news from places I care about that I no longer live in
  2. news from places I currently live in
  3. I don’t want to affiliate myself with one station or brand

I want to be able to mash up WHYY, WAMU and some national NPR stories in the same app. I want The Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer to sent me a smashed up newsletter.

I’d be willing to pay for this.
I imagine travel-based advertisers would also be interested in this, as I’m probably more likely to go to Philly if I don’t currently live in Philly but still want to know about Philly. (@amtrak, I’m looking at you.)

this doesn’t just have to be news based. mash me up some civic tech. mash me up some entertainment. mash me up some educational stuff.

(People like when cities make bets during major Sporting Events. How does that extend to the rest of life?)


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