Melody Kramer

Twitter Thinking

29 Apr 2015 by melodyjoykramer

I’ve realized I’ve been doing something that I really don’t like: I assume people know what I’m thinking about something, because I’ve tweeted it.

Now this is just straight up ridiculous. Not everyone consumes all of Twitter, let alone my tweets. Heck, not everyone is on Twitter. Most people aren’t on Twitter. Most people never see Tweets.

I think I get little rushes when I get a favorite or retweet. This doesn’t mean the idea is popular or validated, even though I think my dopamine receptors treat it as such.

This is dumb. So I’m going to actively change it.

I’m going to consicously start to write long again. I miss writing long. I miss thinking through an idea and turning it over in my mind before putting it out into the world for feedback. I’m going to distance myself from the need for constant gratification and validation, which I think I’m addicted to, and work on shaping ideas and writing things because I actively enjoy writing - and not necessarily thinking of everything in terms of an audience.

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