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People Not In News Commenting On The News: Meet Margot

21 Jan 2015 by melodyjoykramer

Meet Margot Harrington. She designed and built the website you’re reading right now. How cool is that? She runs her own graphic and web design firm in Chicago, makes art, and likes bright colors. She also coordinates a design conference in Cleveland called Weapons of Mass Creation. This was one of the first non-news conferences I’ve gone to, and I found myself inspired and learning quite a bit from people who think in different ways. Designers are great.

In Margot’s own words, “I have short hair (for now) and sometimes I wear glasses. I’m about 60/40 intro and extraverted. I like yoga and active things which I never thought I’d say because I hated most sports as a kid. I’m a graphic and web designer, and a sometimes teacher and writer and artist. Can I make something for you?”

Margot, who tweets @pitchdesign, answered lots of questions about how she gets her news. (If you’d like to participate, please let me know. To read the rest of the series, click here.)

1. How do you get your news?

Twitter, I stream WBEZ on my iPhone from their mobile app, and Facebook for local stuff. Also, Jon Stewart. I don’t frequent BBC or Al Jazeera as often, but I will when I’m looking for specific updates on stories that’ve been sensationalized on regular American networks.

2. Please send me a gif or video or poem that captures your attention span.

This is one of Lili Carré‘s moving drawings. She’s one of my favorite artists.

3. How do you take your coffee?

I drink it any way it come, no preference. I just can’t have much more than half a cup. Is it brown? Does it have caffeine? Okay, done. I also like tea equally as much.

4. Who’s doing it right in news?

Honestly, I don’t know if there is one right outlet. I have the most respect for news on the radio since we don’t own a TV and I find most news networks or local news shows hokey and trying too hard. WBEZ, MPR, WNYC, and WHYY are the only radio networks I seek out.

5. What’s the first news event that you remember?

Probably when 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted from St. Joseph, Minnesota (I grew up in St. Paul, MN) in 1989. That was in local news for weeks and weeks and there was a lot of talking to kids about stranger danger. After that I think the first national news story I remember was OJ Simpson, especially since he used to play for the MN Vikings.

6. What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

I get to see both my parents, my sister, my two baby nieces, and some old friends from childhood!

7. What do you absolutely hate about the news?

The 24 hour news cycle! It’s the root of the sensationalism and overwrought news stories. They are constantly in a state of having to outdo themselves and make everything into breaking news even when nothing new has happened. Also they’re trying to keep up with social media which is impossible, so why even try?

8. What’s the best podcast to listen to while doing chores?

Hmmm. Well if I’m cleaning I like to listen to a podcast that’s information heavy like Professor Blastoff, Stuff Mom Never Told You, or of course everyone’s favorite Radiolab.

9. How do you get your news when you travel?

Same, just whatever is on my phone. If it’s a car trip sometimes flipping through the local channels to find the local npr or non-conservative station.

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