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People Not In News Commenting On The News: Meet Albert Lee

22 Jan 2015 by melodyjoykramer

Meet Albert Lee, aka Mr. Philadelphia. Albert’s famous in Philly for his Instagram and Twitter feeds, on which he consistently and fervently champions the City of Brotherly Love. Albert works for the Visitor’s Center and grew up in Philly. When I lived there, I frequently bumped into him around town — because he was everywhere. South Philly, West Philly, out on Boathouse Row. His photography is consistently top notch — and he can answer basically any question you have about the 215.

I asked Albert a series of questions about how he gets his news. (If you’d like to read the others in the series, please click here, and if you want to take part, just let me know.)

1. How do you get your news?

KYW 1060AM. It was my favorite radio station growing up because I loved hearing how schools were closed due to snow! I’m also a huge fan of getting my daily dose of happenings through my Facebook feed.

2. Please send me a gif or video or poem that captures your attention span.

Always Sunny

3. How do you take your coffee?

Tea for me. I am the only in my family who doesn’t drink coffee. I do however love the smell and those Folgers commercials.

4. Who’s doing it right in news?

Maybe because Brian Williams doesn’t mind slow jamming the news but I really do enjoy catching his nightly broadcast on NBC. I trust him.

5. What’s the first news event that you remember?

The infamous white Ford bronco chase with O.J. Simpson.

6. What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

I was asked to be the guest instagrammer for NYE and New Year’s Day for VisitPhilly.

7. What do you absolutely hate about the news?

How they can be so opinionated when reporting news. It contributes to so much hate in the world. I understand world peace may never be an option but new stations love to start fires.

11. What’s the best podcast to listen to while doing chores?

I actually have “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on from Netflix as my background noise when doing chores..

12. How do you get your news when you travel?

Twitter. I don’t check twitter for news on my day to day only because a lot of my day is spent in front of my computer but when I’m out and about, I love using the chirping bird.

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