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People Not In News Commenting On The News: Meet Adam Sherr

16 Dec 2014 by melodyjoykramer

Adam Sherr is a West Philadelphia native and the assistant director of the Penn Band. He is one of those people who cannot walk a block in Philadelphia without seeing a dozen people he knows.

Adam and I are on a listserv together called Oxymoron. Oxymoron is the private listserv for people who have been in the Penn Band. There are hundreds of people on the listserv and we live all over the world and we all have different careers. I receive hundreds of emails from Oxy, as it’s called, in an average week. And it is by far my best and most trusted news source. Whenever there’s breaking news, I go to Oxy because a) I know the discussion will be really good and b) I want to see what my friends think. Oxy is also a great way to find housing, find a job, find a good place to eat, or just comment on anything, really. It’s like a private version of Reddit and Craig’s List and Google News. (Something to think about.)

Adam was kind enough to answer some questions about how he gets his news. If you don’t work in news, live outside of DC/NYC, and would like to participate, let me know. (Rest of series is here)

1. How do you get your news?

Newspapers (paper and online)

ESPN Online

CNN App on my iPhone

KYW News Radio

NPR Radio

Listservs (i.e. Oxymoron)

**2. What instrument do you play? **


3. What do you think is the best middle name?

Peace (my best friend growing up) – so he could run for office (vote for me, Peace is my middle name)

4. Who’s doing it right in news?


5. What’s the first news event that you remember?

Ronald Reagan being shot

6. What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

I got my tuba repaired!

** Describe yourself a little bit**

Penn Lifer
Family Man
Love Humor and Positivity
Eat Too Much
Large and Loud

8. Where do you live? Region is fine. City is better, but optional.

Oaklyn, NJ – consider myself a Philadelphian….

9. What do you absolutely hate about the news?


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