Melody Kramer

Lets Make A Podcast Together

04 Jun 2015

Idea: What if the audience of something made something together? We share a communal experience. Do we have anything else in common? Would we want to listen to one another? Are we more likely to listen to one another because we share something else in common? I don’t know.

Let’s try it. We’ll make a podcast. Here’s the deal:

  1. Record less than three minutes of audio on your phone. In the interest of making this fun, let’s put some parameters around the recording. Interview someone. Anyone. Ask them the following questions

a. What was the first news event that you remember? b. What is your hidden talent? c. What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

  1. Save the file with yourfirstname.mp3 - feel free to share it anywhere you’d like. I don’t know how to share a description of what you’ve made, but it’s probably good to include that too. Hmm. Include a second file with the title yourname.txt with a description of what you’ve made. If you have a common first name, include a last initial. If you have an uncommon name and don’t want to share with the group, upload them with a pseudonym. I don’t care. Don’t let the naming conventions stop your participation.

  2. Upload the two files into this Google Drive.

You have until June 15th. I used to edit audio for a living. I will string them together and send it back out as a podcast of strangers, talking about the same things. It may be the worst thing we ever listen to. But it could lead to something really great.


PS: Not going to share this beyond the newsletter.

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