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Complete Archive Of My Newsletter So Far

04 Jun 2015

People have asked to see all of the archives for this newsletter. If you like this kind of stuff, please pass along the newsletter to others, particularly if you think they might like it. I love this stuff, as you can probably tell. If you tweet about it, please use the link: - Thank you!

So I publish them all here, but here’s a master list:

  1. Why Does Local News Matter? (Part One: The ask.)

  2. How 36 Smart People Avoid Work Burnout

  3. If Mel Kramer Ran a Local Public Media Station… Here’s What It Would Look Like

  4. How I Manage My Time

  5. Genealogy is not a Young Person’s Game

  6. I’m Going To Harvard for Two Months to do a Nieman Fellowship… Here’s What That Means

  7. Lets Think Of New Units of Time Together

  8. Let’s Personalize the Push Notification

  9. Could we improve the process of obtaining a marriage license without using technology? Yes.

  10. Let’s learn how to use GitHub without one line of code. (Related: I co-wrote a GitHub tutorial.)

  11. We collectively brainstorm on how to improve jury duty.

  12. We improve the news experience for my 89-year-old neighbor Betty (and she loves it.)

  13. How many ways could you write my biography without talking to me, based on what you can find out about what I do online? A lot.

  14. How to Write a Great Tutorial

  15. Facebook Stickers are Good for Metadata Collection

  16. Weather: An Immediate, Personalized Form of Breaking News We Can All Learn From

  17. How I Use Reddit

  18. archives, archives, archives

  19. Yo Philly, Where’s My Ex-Pat News?

  20. How Betty, Who is 89, Gets Her News

  21. I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About The Word Pledge And What It Could Mean

  22. #boat

  23. There Is A Monster at the End of This Newsletter

  24. What’s the Earliest News Event You Remember?

  25. An All-Purpose Guide to Speaking, Attending and Organizing a Conference

  26. bots bots bots bots bots bots

  27. A Tiny Trick to Make Twitter More Useful

  28. What Could a Better Push Notification Feel Like?

  29. Some Quick Thoughts About Annotation

  30. How To Leave Your Job Gracefully: A Step-by-Step Guide

  31. Let’s describe our jobs in emoji.

  32. Thinking a lot About Stickers.

  33. Radio can be something you *do*

  34. Let’s make a podcast together.

  35. How you measure your time.

  36. Your mission for today.

  37. Rethinking a Job Description

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