Melody Kramer

Day Five Talking To Stations And Doing User Research

11 May 2015

What I did on Friday

  1. I talked to people from 5 member stations and conducted formal research interviews with their staff.

  2. I got my email box down to 7.

  3. Worked on website and writing a bunch.

  4. Ate Mike’s Pastry. Aside from that, didn’t leave apartment. Not feeling 100% and need a day to recover, mentally, from all of the socialization. Still in pajamas.

What I’m doing Monday

  1. Giving an hour-long presentation to the current Nieman Fellows about the project.

  2. Talking with Code for America HQ about collaboration.

  3. Meeting an 18F-er who lives in Boston!

  4. Talked to Berkman Center about upcoming lunch talk I’m giving there (it will be streamed and archived!)

  5. Talking with a public media person about automated mailings that are automatically sent to people to have them renew membership

  6. Launched website and finished essay on background of project.

What I’m doing Tuesday

  1. Going to Woods Hole, Mass. to speak to Jay Allison’s Transom workshop.

  2. Exploring Woods Hole, a place I’ve never been.

  3. Writing a lot.

I plan to spend the rest of the week working on the website and writing up what I learned last week. May put up an auto-responder on email. What I learned last week is that I spent too much time on email.

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