Melody Kramer

Days Three And Four

08 May 2015

What I did Wednesday and Thursday

  1. Had conversation with PBS executive about membership pilot. She recommended reaching out to 1-2 TV stations.

  2. Had conversation with Brown graduate student about potential for archives, specifically related to radio and surfacing information.

  3. Answered 400 emails.

  4. Went out for a drink with my two friends at MIT. Talked about spinning up a quick project with them in June.

  5. Talked with two people from member stations about project. Both are in.

  6. Interviewed author of 2005 Ford Foundation report on future of public media. She gave very good ideas about structuring thoughts, public media, who to contact.

  7. Spent afternoon at WGBH, explaining project and visiting with staff. They want to help.

  8. Dinner with NPR staff member who was in town.

  9. Biked 55 minutes at Gym / skipped Wednesday.

What I’m doing today

  1. Talking to 5 member stations.

  2. Answering email from yesterday.

  3. Working on website and writing a bunch. Next week is synthesis week - no meetings, all writing up everything from this week into coherent thoughts.

  4. Not leaving apartment. Not feeling 100% and need a day to recover, mentally, from all of the socialization. Still in pajamas.

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