Melody Kramer

Day Two Is When Good Ideas Start Flowing

05 May 2015


  1. Attended Code for Boston meetup at MIT. Met many awesome people who deeply care about civic engagement.

  2. Met with Berkman Center researcher who studies how and when people decide to become civicly motivated

  3. Chatted with woman who founded community based project in Africa that helps connect people with information

  4. Call with two membership directors

  5. Met digital strategist from Harvard for a chat

  6. Talked with someone who connected me to someone who thinks about libraries in a really innovative way

  7. Ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I didn’t eat yesterday.

  8. Elliptical. I have a wedding in two months.

  9. Answered 58 emails. Inbox: 63 (all from the past two days; all project related)


  1. Trim inbox down to 15 or so.

  2. Conversation about archives with current Nieman Fellow.

  3. Conversation with two membership directors in public media.

  4. Working on website content. Launch date: Sunday

  5. Writing essay for Nieman Lab on project

  6. Reaching out to Harvard / MIT staff and professors that people recommended or that I found online to schedule meetings.

  7. Elliptical till the break of dawn.

  8. Going out for a drink with the GifGif guys.

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